Last 31 May, Aedes organized a visit to the Castles of Cannero construction site for all the employees and collaborators of the group (Aedes-Comar-Barberi Restauri).

It was a day of training and inspiration, during which we were able to describe hands-on what "Building well for a better world" means to us.

In addition to the attention and passion that we put into our work, we also have a Customer who has renewed their trust in us and allowed us to build, or in this case renovate, a place of such beauty and significance that it is already an asset for all.

In the morning, in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall of Cannero, there was a presentation of the history of the area, the project, the work carried out, and the most characteristic features.

In the afternoon, by solar-powered catamaran, we headed to the island, where all the participants, more than 100 of them, were able to visit the site of the very picturesque and unique Castles.

It was a truly amazing day of training and shared work experience between all three companies, in one of the most enchanting places on Lake Maggiore.