Mr Ruggero Spagliarisi, an engineer, will be speaking at the Italian Construction Forum, being held at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan on 20 November.

He'll be addressing the issue of communication activity within the building and construction sector. The construction site alone is no longer the only way to show what a company is about or to reach new customers. Even in the building sector, communication activity offers added value and an up-to-date way of operating and doing business. Stepping up communication quality starts with company logo design. It also encompasses the company's website, news updates and other info platforms dedicated to individual real estate initiatives. Besides launching advertising campaigns and getting sponsors, companies can also undertake in-house work-in-progress panels or create corporate videos and branded clothing or construction-site fencing. They can also develop dedicated lines (such as the "Passi Futuri" or Future Steps one for hospitals and airports).

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