On Thursday 24 March 2022 Aedes organised a visit to the 'Mario Sironi - Synthesis and Grandure' at the Museo del Novecento, accompanied by the exhibition curator Prof. Elena Pontiggia and critic and art lover Giuseppe Frangi. The exhibition consists of 110 artworks that traces Sironi's career throughout his whole life (1885-1961).

The evening also gave us the opportunity to support two projects:

  • 'Fada2i in Lebanon', run by AVSI and Odiemme, is a project that aims to create a social support and reception centre for the children and families of Syrian refugees, as well as English language teaching, after-school care and agricultural training.
  • 'Signs of me The body, a stage' by Casa Testori: an exhibition/social project in which groups of vulnerable women (immigrants, prisoners, single mothers...) are confronted with the stories and representations of themselves and their bodies as told by the works on display.

The evening was nicely rounded off with pizza under the archways of Milan's city centre.