Aedes has been entrusted to renovate the "Ex Gerolamo Cardano" School in Gallarate, Italy. The 1st lot plans to restore and conservatively renovate the mezzanine floor, the facades and the external areas.
“This is a very important day: today with the Municipal Administration handing over the keys conservative restoration work will now begin, giving the city of Gallarate back a school that is dear to so many, but for far too long has been in a state of deterioration. We all now have the task to give life to a new educational adventure". With these words Luca Maggioni, president of the social cooperative "Don Francesco Ricci", symbolically received the keys to the "Ex Gerolamo Cardano" school from the Mayor of Gallarate, Andrea Cassani.
"A goal for the entire city, as we will manage to recover a historic building dating back to 1907, and maintain its original purpose as a school".