Thanks to a two-year restoration project by architect Simonetti and carried out by AEDES, the oldest wing of the Rocca di Angera is hosting the "Continuum" exhibition of contemporary art.

The fragments of fresco on the walls tell the centuries-old tale of the Scaligera wing, dating back to the first half of the thirteenth century: inside are seven contemporary artists, Giovanni Anselmo, Vanessa Beecroft, Anish Kapoor, Giulio Paolini and Ettore Spalletti with Antonio Grulli as curator of the exhibition who explains: "Each of them has a connection to something traditional”.

A room is dedicated to each artist and the works on display seem to spark interaction with both visitors and the location.

The restoration project was personally commissioned by Prince Vitaliano Borromeo: "With the Ala Scaligera project I want to perpetuate the passion for beauty and cultural innovation that distinguished my predecessors on Isola Bella and Isola Madre, a commitment to future generations".