The war that is happening in Ukraine is causing us a huge amount of grief and we support the words expressed by Pope Francis during his Angelus address on Sunday:

“In Ukraine, there are rivers of blood and tears flowing. This is not simply a special military operation, but a war, which sows death, destruction and misery. The number of victims is increasing, as is the number of people fleeing, especially mothers and children. In that tormented country, the need for humanitarian assistance is growing dramatically from hour to hour. I restate my heartfelt appeal for humanitarian corridors to be truly secured and for access to aid to be guaranteed and facilitated in besieged areas in order to offer vital help to our brothers and sister who are being oppressed by bombs and fear.

I thank all of those who are taking in refugees. Above all, I urge the cessation of armed attacks, for negotiation to prevail and for respect for international law to be restored!

War is madness! Please stop! Look at this cruelty!”

In this sea of need and tragedy, we have come up with two acts of sympathy and solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are the ones suffering the most in this tragic situation:

. 20 Peace for Ukraine banners will be hung up in all our sites and offices as a sign of hope for peace in Ukraine.

. €4000 (€2000 of which comes from the We4You Corporate Fund) have been paid to AVSI, an Italian NGO, which together with “Emmaus” (an NPO based in Ukraine), “AVSI Polska” (Poland) and “Asociaţia FDP- Protagonişti în educaţie” (Romaniahave organised emergency responses for Ukrainian people in border areas.

We realise these are 2 small gestures…but, with prayers and trepidation, as the Pope has asked of us, we hope that small gestures that can change hearts can also be ones that can change history.

We are also following what is happening with trepidation for the future of Italy, its people and our work, and we call for intelligent and sensible responsibility from those who will have to make important decisions for the fate of the whole world and those who, like us, are called every day to engage in their work for the good of their families and for all of us.