Aedes has been commissioned to renovate the property known as Ex Scuderie di Villa Giulia in Verbania.

Works were necessary due to the advanced state of decay of the property and in view of the important artistic and historical interest of the Villa and its appurtenances (park, dock, stables and Branca cellar).

The villa dates back to the first half of the 19th century and the current stable buildings date back to 1859. The property originally belonged to the Muller family, then in 1880 it passed to the Branca family, then, after changing hands several times, in 1987 it was acquired by the Municipality of Verbania.

After an initial intervention to clear the area of weeds, the next step was the structural consolidation of the property to reduce the risk of partial collapses and prevent the façade from tipping into the street; all this in full respect of the historical aspect and architectural peculiarities and using appropriate materials.

After dismantling the unsafe parts and cleaning with biocides, door and window supports were installed and the facade was shored up with wooden structures and beams.