Field experience for the students of the fourth and fifth-year classes at the Ferrini Franzosini Institute of Verbania, specialising in Construction, Environment and Territory (Surveyors).

On Thursday 25 January, together with their teachers, the students visited the construction site of the New Palazzo Restellini in Verbania Intra, accompanied by technicians Gian Luigi Pistochini and Andrea Oberoffer of the construction company Aedes of Villadossola.

During the visit, equipped with the appropriate safety devices and measuring instruments, the future surveyors took some measurements and calculated the brickwork and part of the reinforced concrete structures built on site up to that point.

Subsequently, the students were divided into groups within the workshop and made the same calculations using the project diagrams provided by Aedes, to check that they corresponded.

The students greatly appreciated the initiative. They participated enthusiastically and contributed positively to the success of this useful PCTO experience (formerly School-to-Work Alternation).

We are delighted to be able to make our know-how available to future young surveyors, and we plan to continue this useful collaboration with the professional schools of Domodossola and Verbania in the coming years.