Aedes has joined forces with some of its friends-cum-entrepreneurs, such as Andrea Alessi and Daniele Berio from Riva Est and Adriano Ecclesia from the Croce Bianca Hotel, to develop a funding project, aimed at restoring the abandoned area of the Ex Canottieri in Omegna. This will in turn, give the town back its beautiful area that directly overlooks the lake and will be a place for everyone to enjoy.

The 9090 Restaurant, like as Alessi Coffee Shop, Foodie Bar & Bistro and the Sport and Fun water area, are all part of the newly inaugurated project.

Many mayors, local councillors and journalists attended the inauguration event, including the mayor of Omegna himself. Marchioni (the mayor) pointed out the astonishing record-time completion of this structure and the wonderful things that it will do for Omegna's tourism. "Quality and a tie to the area" these were the objectives outlined by the developer shareholders.