The Swiss companies Officine Ghidoni di Riazzino and Implenia, together with Comar (part of the Aedes Group), will be building the new municipal port in Gambarogno. Gambarogno is located on the Swiss side of Lake Maggiore within the Canton of Ticino.

The finished port will have berths for approximately 200 ships.

Comar will be working with specialized underwater personnel and vehicles such as: floating pontoons, lifting cranes, and mooring and handling boats. These will be used to carry out operations and afford mobility on the Lake. The activities involved will include:

  • Deep positioning of the anchoring formworks for the new port's metal structures (at a depth of up to 30 m);
  • Underwater support in setting up micropiles and fixing templates to the formwork;
  • Laying down concrete within the positioned metal formworks in the water;
  • Supporting the assembly of the artificial bed comprised of: steel trusses, tie rods, oscillating arms, bracing chains and concrete ballasts. The bed's overall dimensions will be approximately 250 m in length X 100 m in width.
  • Putting a breakwater barrier in place;
  • Connecting the artificial bed to the breakwater barrier.

The design was developed by Sciarini SA engineering of Gambarogno.

The project involves a tremendous job of underwater engineering and represents an enormous construction challenge for all involved.

Period: March 2021 - March 2022.