Dear Supplier

In this time of serious difficulty and general uncertainty, where attitudes of "every man for himself" and "dog eat dog" could prevail, ceasing to pay any supplier, we want to reiterate our belief that "we can only get through this together" and our commitment to protecting the entire production chain starting with our Employees, Customers and Suppliers.

In these tragic times, the quality of the relationships we experience, the social responsibility that we feel and the idea we have of work, business and life are crucial.

We would therefore like to confirm our commitment to respecting the contractual commitments and the payment deadlines that we have to you, in the certainty that you too in your turn will do everything in your power to feed a virtuous and responsible circle for the entire production chain.

In the hope of being able to overcome this agonizing health emergency as soon as possible and resume normal working activity, under conditions of safety for all the people involved and for the good of all, we would like to send our kindest regards to you and your families.

Ruggero Spagliarisi
President of Aedes S.r.l.

The letter that we have send on 31 march to all our suppliers.