Lago Maggiore, Cannobio (VB)


Type: Restoration
Where: Lago Maggiore, Cannobio (VB)
Duration: 2019-2022


Restoration and conserving renovation of the Castles of Cannero, restoration of architectural and decorated surfaces, elimination of widespread degradation and critical structural issues, enhancement of the site through the creation of a structured tour open to the public and the recovery of its old residential function.

The Castles, whose construction dates back to 1519, are currently in a state of ruin and abandonment.

The design approach has sought to protect the historical image of the Castles in their current setup, maintaining, as far as possible, the appearance of ruins and at the same time making the castles usable and visitable as an outdoor museum.

The tour will almost exclusively concern the outside of the buildings in the courtyards, through a system of vertical and horizontal connections, consisting of walkways and paths with lightweight steel and teak structures.

Visitors will be able to pass through the various spaces in the fortress, cross the courtyards and enter the towers, reach the terrace of the keep, and visit the multimedia exhibition area, the frescoed chapel and the tower housing the archaeological finds.