Condominio Alfa

Domodossola (VB)


Type: Energy retrofit
Where: Domodossola (VB)
Duration: Work in progress


Energy retrofit on a primarily residential building.

Consisting of a basement and 7 floors above ground, the building contains a total of 14 property units.

Work carried out:

  • Installation of an exterior insulation and finish system
  • Installation of thermal insulation on the extrados of the attic floor
  • Replacement of the central heating system with a hybrid system (new condensing boiler and air-to-water heat pump)
  • Replacement of the existing windows with new PVC windows
  • Replacement of roller shutters with new insulated roller shutters.

This project was made possible thanks to the "Superbonus 110%" incentive and the "Cappottomio" partnership between Eni Gas e Luce and Harley&Dikkinson.