Porta Volta - Milano


Type: Infrastructure - Urbanisation
Where: Porta Volta - Milano
Duration: 2018


Construction of a new public space of approximately 6,000 square meters in Milan between Piazzale del Monumentale, Via Ceresio and Via Bramante, in front of the future Design Museum.

The new public square is divided into three thematic areas:

  • the first consists of a space in front of the Art Nouveau building, renovated to serve as the future ADI headquarters and the Design Museum. This area functions as a meeting point and contains a large infinity edge fountain in the centre;
  • the second is comprised a green embankment;
  • the third consists of a path and delimiting band which gradually transform into a bench, staircase and access to a flat area, bike parking, or a ramp, making the raised space fully accessible.

Local stone from Ossola was used for the flooring throughout the entire square.