Type: New residential complex
Where: Bologna
Duration: 2017-2019


Construction of 2 modern residential buildings of 4 and 6 storeys respectively, surrounded by large private gardens, basement with garages, cellars and services, for a total of 26 apartments, 27 cellars and 26 car garages.            

Building characteristics:

  • Direct slab foundation.
  • Load-bearing structures in cast-in-place reinforced concrete.
  • External windows and doors in wood and aluminium with low emissivity glass and high thermal and acoustic insulation performance.
  • Facades with zinc-titanium cladding and glass parapets.              
  • Heating system with underfloor radiant panels, autonomous temperature management and domestic hot water recirculation system; technological central unit with high-efficiency heat pump combined with a condensation boiler; photovoltaic panels;
  • Rainwater recovery system for irrigation of condominium green areas;
  • Grey water recovery and treatment plant for supplying the flushing cisterns of the apartment bathrooms;
  • Home automation system for the management of lighting fixtures, heating system and internal blinds in the living room;
  • Electric antifreeze system in the garage access ramp;
  • Seismic certification. Acoustic certification. Class A4 energy certification (nZEB standard = Nearly Zero Energy Building - zero energy consumption).